Alpha Co Plumbing and Gas  are Hillarys leading blocked drain plumbers since 1999. We are fully licensed Plumbers in Hillarys who are experience in quickly, effectively and cheaply clear the blockage in your drainage system.  Alpha Co Plumbing and Gas are your best plumbing service to repair both internal and external drains in homes, businesses drains and drains in public facilities. There is no blocked drain job too small or too big. We unblock toilets, unblock basins and sinks, unblock drains and unblock sewer all in Hillary’s Western Australia.

In Hillary’s we have unblocked drains by removing tree roots, flushable wipes, nappies and other items which are often a common cause of blocked drains. Our very latest drain camera technology saves you hundreds of dollars by locating, identifying and clearing blockages with minimal disturbance to your premises.

Sometimes what appears to be a drain blockage in the suburb of Hillarys, may in fact be a break in your drainage piping. We are your one stop HIllarys plumbing service centre, being able to repair drainage breaks after our drainage camera service has revealed the issue.


Blocked Drain Plumber Basin


How do we unblock your blocked drain in Hillarys, Western Australia?

  1. We arrive at your Hillarys property and assess the extent of the blockage. Blocked drains are rarely blocked at the point where the overflowing is occurring.
  2. We use our next generation drain camera Hillarys to locate the source of your blocked drains.
  3. We use a drain unblocking machine which clears your drain efficiently and properly.
  4. Sometimes we may use our pressured hose system to unblock your blocked drain, depending on the circumstances.
  5. Once the drain blockage has been removed, we will provide guidance on how to keep your drains clear in the future.

Top 10 Causes Of Blocked Drains in Hillary’s Western Australia:

Blocked Drain Perth Plumber

1.Sanitary pads, “Flushable” Wipes, Baby Wipes, Nappies, Too Much Toilet Paper can block drains.

It is common to flush unwanted things down the toilet. However, flushing the wrong things down the toilet can cause blocked drains that could have been easily avoided. Nothing solid should ever be flushed down a toilet. Whatever is flushed into the sewer should essentially be able to dissolve in the water that flushes it down.  The plumbing problems are made worse  as entire suburbs of people form the habit of disposing toiletry items down the drain. This causes even larger problems as the problems builds up in council sewer drains. Sanitary pads, Nappies and baby wipes are the three most common items removed from toilet drains by plumbers in Hillarys. These items do not dissolve and get heavier as they absorb water. As they absorb water, these toiletries expand, finally blocking the drainage pipe which is only 100mm wide. Toilet paper can also cause blocked drains when used in excess.

Avoid blocking your Hillarys Home drains by:

Nappies:The faeces should be scraped off and put down the toilet. The nappies should then be wrapped tightly in paper and put in the bin.

Flushable wipes: Avoid using flushable wipes which have been proven to clog drains in Hillarys, Western Australia.

Sanitary pads: wrap sanitary pads and dispose of in the garbage.

Toilet paper:Makes sure to flush for every 20 sheets of toilet paper in the toilet bowl.

If your have a blocked toilet drain, call a blocked drain plumber Hillarys like Alpha Co Plumbing and Gas.


2.Plants, Roots and Dirt may Cause blocked drains in Hillarys, WA

A common problem causing blocked drains outdoor is a steady build up of leaves, plants and dirt in drains. When leaf blockers have been installed on gutters it does prevent the foliage from enter the soakwells. However, a leaf blocker usually causes plant materials to falls on the grown which circumvents the downpipes, but can end up in your drains. Lawn mowing and pruning, when not disposed of properly, can also cause blocked drains in Hillary’s WA. Finally, natural growth from plants and trees and destroy drains in the garden and driveways.

Leaves and Plants: to prevent blocked drains, keep the area around your home free of leaves, plants and foliage. Ensure to have grills under your downpipes.

Roots: Large trees such as maples, willows, jacarandas and palm trees with invasive roots should be avoided to prevent them from breaking and clogging drainpipes.

Dirt and soil: Ensure to regularly brush away dirt and soil from your drainage points.

Alpha Co plumbing and Gas can repair blocked pipes and drains. We can also rebuild pipes with special equipment.

3.Oils and Grease

While most people don’t mind washing the dishes, not much thought goes into whether or not the oil and grease in the drains actually get flushed. Most homes are experiencing a steady build up of grease and fat in their kitchen drainage system.  The more grease and fat build up, the quicker your drain will become blocked. Blocked kitchen drains Hillarys are common and bound to happen at some stage.  If your basin is flowing slower or starting to smell, then your kitchen drain may be clogged with fat and grease.

Prevent blocked kitchen drains: Ideally, grease and fat should never be washed down a kitchen drain. Hot oil and grease make for a lovely gravy. Unfortunately when grease cools down it turns into what can be described as a mass of solid candle wax in your drain pipes.  It is best to pour grease and oil into a paper towel which is then sealed in a plastic garbage bag. All greases and oils should be disposed of in the garbage to prevent blocked drains in your kitchen.

4. Poor drain installation in Hillarys

Pipes may be installed under stress or pressure leading to cracks. Drain pipes may be at the wrong gradient, preventing adequate flow. Some plumber fail to use glue on their piping systems. All of this may  lead to blocked drains and blocked drainpipes which  need to be repaired or reinstalled.

Avoid badly installed drain pipes: Licensed plumbers are the best option for sewer drainage inside or outside the home. Qualified plumbers will install piping at the correct gradient, with the correct procedures to prevent blocked drains HIllarys. Blocked drain plumbers such as  will gladly assist in improving your blocked drain situation.

5.Water Saturation in Stormy Weather

When the rainfall increases, there can sometimes be a rise in the water table beneath your home. When the water table rises, it appears that there is a blocked drain pipe. However, the only way this can be altered is if the water table is drained out of the property via subsoil drainage system. This in fact would not be a blocked drain, but rather an issue with the house foundation being too close to the water table.

6.Broken Drain Pipes

Furniture trucks, excavation, bobcats and earth workers can easily damage drains without realising it. If your plumbing drains are not functioning properly you could have a damaged drain piped that can cause severe blockages.

Ensure your pipes are not broken: Alpha Co Plumbing and Gas can inspect your drainage system to ensure that it is installed correctly and without fractures, dents or damage. We are fully equipped to find check and diagnose your drains. We are Perth’s best price plumber to solve drainage system issues. Call us now.

7. Calcification

Over time, water pipes can become blocked from minerals and calcium in the water system. Blocked piped from mineral deposits result in slow and weak flowing water in your taps and showers.

Avoid mineral deposits: Alpha Co Plumbing and Gas can install water filters to your home. We can install outdoor water purifiers that filter the water before it reaches your home. We can also install water filters to all your taps to keep your family healthy.

8. Hair

Hair acts like a web in your drains. It gets caught on small imperfections in your drainpipe system. Once hair has lodged itself in your pipes it will act like a net, catching everything that has some consistency. Over time this mass builds up, causing foul odours and blocked drains.

Reduce hair in your drains: Regularly clean out shower and bath drain holes. Ensure to remove the hair that is obscured behind the drainage point. If it is too late and your drains are clogged, call a drain plumber like Alpha Co Plumbing and Gas. We solve your clogged drain problem quickly and cheaply.


One day the drains works, the next day it doesn’t? Toys. Any parent knows that toys small enough to fit down a drain will, at some point, go down the drain.  Objects like figurines are relatively simply to remove. However, some bouncy balls are perfectly sized to get stuck inside the joints of your drainage system. This can cause an expensive problem if not handled correctly. We have unblocked countless drains and 20% of all blockages are from toys. Call us today to assist you.

Avoid blocked drains from toys: Ensure that children are taught to not lodge their toys in the bath or basin drains. Make sure that balls purchased as toys are bigger than 10cm in diameter to prevent them from entering the drainage system. If toys and balls end up on the roof, ensure to remove them immediately. Families often forget to remove toys which end up causing trouble not long after.

10.Clothes and materials

Without noticing, some clothing items and handkerchiefs may end up in the drainage system. These, similar to toiletries, can expand and cause major blockages.

Avoid blocked drains from clothes and materials: Make sure nothing has fallen from your pockets when using the toilet. Ensure to always check before flushing that no materials or unexpected items are in the toilet bowl. If you’re unsure what is causing your blocked drain, call your local Hillarys plumbing company, Alpha Co Plumbing and Gas.


How much does unblocking a drain cost in Hillarys, Western Australia?

Clearing a drain costs anywhere from $150 to several hundred dollars. Our clients have reviewed as being the best price option for unblocking drains. We’ve been unblocking sewer and drains since 1999. Call us today.