Alpha CO Plumbing & Gas is a certified and qualified Gas Fitter and Gas Plumber. We service Hillarys, Western Australia 6025.

What does a Gas Plumber servicing Hillarys, Western Australia do?

Alpha Co Plumbing is a professional plumbing company who installs, maintains and repairs natural gas equipment, fixtures and appliances, as well as related things such as gas meters, regulators, valves, and burners, in residential and commercial areas

We service:

Gas Hot Water Systems in Hillarys

Repair Gas Leaks in Hillarys

Fix Broken Gas Pipes in Hillarys

Install Gas connections in homes and businesses

Brief History on Hillarys:

Hillarys was named after an early settler, Bertram John Hillary (1895-1957), who had become blind in his right eye while fighting in Gallipoli during the First World War. He came to the area during the Great Depression while fishing for a living with his brother Harry, and built a boatshed on the beach in 1930. Subsequently, he expanded it to accommodate himself, his wife and four children. For many years, they were the only residents of what is now Hillarys, and the nearest store, at North Beach to the south, was a 5 km walk away. During the Second World War, the Australian Army used the area, and named it “Hillary’s Beach” on their maps. Bert Hillarys died in 1957 and the shack and 14 others nearby were destroyed in a fierce storm in 1964.[2][3]

The Metropolitan Region Scheme, designed in 1955, had proposed that Whitford Beach, just beyond modern Hillarys’s north, would be the limit of coastal settlement, and in 1962, a highway from Fremantle to Sorrento was suggested by the Government.[4] In 1967, a road to Whitford Beach was built after a major Catholic school, Sacred Heart College, relocated from inner-suburban Highgate into the region.

Wanneroo Shire Council and the R&I Bank began developing the Whitford precinct and planned a town centre, which ultimately became Westfield Whitford City, in the suburb’s northeast, and Marmion Avenue was built. They asked for the Government to gazette a suburb here and this was done in 1971. Many streets in the new development (including the facing portion of what was to become Padbury were named for early explorers and pioneers of Australia. On 21 November 1978, Whitford City Shopping Centre was officially opened.[5]

Restaurants and promenade at Hillarys

In preparation for Australia’s defence of the 1987 America’s Cup at Fremantle, the State Government commissioned the building of Hillarys Boat Harbour, the first major marina in the north metropolitan area. The retail complex on the site, called Sorrento Quay, commenced trading in December 1987 and was officially opened in January 1988. Also, in May 1987, the Government declared Marmion Marine Park over a region from Burns Beach to Trigg, to which the new marina complex provided a gateway.[3][6]

The shopping centre and marina development fuelled growth in the suburb and by the mid-1990s, both the northwest and southwest of the suburb had been fully developed.

Alpha Co Plumbing & Gas in Hillarys, Western Australia


Since 1999 Alpha Co Plumbing and Gas have been serving Hillarys, Western Australia.

We have had been involved extensively in numerous residential and commercial plumbing projects in the area. On a more regular basis, we are often called out to repair Gas Hot Water Systems that have either deteriorated over time or require upgrades due to larger household requirements.

On various occasions we are called out to Hillarys to resolve plumbing issues such as:

Blocked Drains

Emergency Plumbing

Leaks from Taps and Showers

Toilet Repairs and Toilet Installations

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