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This Little Pipe Can Cost you Thousands!


If you’ve looked under your basin in you bathroom you may have noticed shiny braided piping. This plumbing pipe is called a braided flexible hose. It allows the hot and cold water to flow to your taps. They’re designed for water flow and are used across Perth and Western Australia.





Basin Hose Hazard

Unfortunately braided flexible hoses or silver basin hoses have a limited lifespan! Another item to add to your list of running home expenses!

In fact, a burst flexible hose can cost thousands of dollars of damage. Home owners have too often returned from a trip or vacation, only to find thousands of litres of water running through the home.


Basin Pipe Repair



Alpha Co Plumbing and Gas recommends that Perth and surrounding suburbs home owners inspect all flexi and basin hoses every 3 to 6 months.

How to spot a failing Flexi hose

If you can see any sign of rust on the pipe then it means its material has started to deteriorate. It is equivalent to a flood time bomb.

Additionally, while you may not notice rust, the pipe may be deformed in some way. If the pipe is no longer tubular and healthy looking then it means the internal structure has broken. Again, a leak or burst can occur at any time.

You should make sure to inspect all the hoses in your home. You can find them:

Under the kitchen Sink

Under the Bathroom Basin

Behind Filtration Systems

Behind Toilets

Don’t be the victim of a simple missed hose check. If you find any of the above, or think you require a professional inspections, call Alpha Co Plumbing and Gas on 1300 006 101 or visit us at

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