What is a Hot Water System? A water heating system essentially converts cold water into hot water by means of gas, solar or electric heating. All homes, businesses and facilities across Perth, Western Australia require access to hot water for various purposes. Water heating systems are the heart of providing hot water to Perth, Western Australia.

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Alpha Co Plumbing and Gas offers wholesale prices on gas, solar and electric hot water systems.


Electric Hot Water System

  • An electric hot water heating system is usually relatively cheap to buy and install in the short term, but in the long term it is probably the most expensive to operate. Running costs of an electric hot water system may increase, especially if it is operating on a full day continuous flow rate.
  • Electric water heaters in Perth that run on off-peak rates are significantly more cost effective to run. However, these systems do need a larger storage tank because the water heated overnight during off peak time, is required to last  all day when on peak rates are applicable. Call your electrical provider to check what rates apply to you.
  • A household with 4 people generally needs a 160 litre tank for a continuous flowing system. For a off-peak power electric heating system a house of four people would need about 350 litres.
  • Alpha Co Plumbing & Gas is a qualified Plumber Perth can install an electric water heating system indoors or outdoors.
  • Instantaneous Electric water heaters are also available.
  • Electric water heating systems in Perth vary in price from about $300 to $1500, excluding installation.
  • We can also repair your electric hot water system.

Gas Hot Water System

  • A Gas Hot Water Heater is a good option if you have a gas connection to your home or premises. Call Apha Co Plumbing and Gas to check your gas or install a new gas connection for you. Investing in a gas water heater is cheaper than an electric HWS. A major benefit is that gas prices don’t vary throughout the day. Therefore a gas water heater is a superior long term solution to having hot water.
  • A home with four people generally needs a heating water tank size of approximately 165 litres. Hot Water Heaters using gas can also be installed as an instantaneous or continuous heating water system.
  • Gas Water heaters can be installed outdoors due to venting requirements, but can be installed indoors with a flue.
  • Gas heating systems Have an energy efficiency star rating for peace of mind.
  • Most water heaters that use gas have a pilot light, which uses a small amount of gas. While a hot water system using electric ignition is cheaper to run, you can lose your hot water supply if you lose power to your home.
  • If you live in areas like the hills, Yanchep or some part of Swan Valley, then Liquid petroleum Gas (LPG) bottles can be used but the running costs increase significantly again.
  • Gas water heating systems range in price from about $800 to $2200 excluding installation.
  • We can also repair your gas hot water system.

Solar Hot Water System

  • Heating systems that use solar power in Perth consist of solar power panels and a storage tank. A household of 4 people generally needs about four square metres of solar panels. The same system will require a 360 litre tank. A larger tank would be advisable to compensate for days when there is less sunlight available.
  • The worse your panels are positioned, the more panels you’ll need. Facing the sun would be best for your homes or premises.
  • Some brands provide Solar Water Heaters have an an electric or gas booster function. This  compensates for days with less solar exposure from the sun. You wouldn’t want to lose hot water on a cloudy day.
  • Solar hot water systems are more costly and time-consuming to install. However, above all, a well-chosen solar heating system will pay for itself in the long run due to the low runnings costs of solar over the long term.
  • Speak to Alpha Co Plumbing and Gas about the government rebates and other incentives can help offset the purchase cost.
  • Solar heating water systems in Perth range in price from about $1800 to $8000 excluding installation.
  • We can also repair your solar water heater.

Heat pump Hot Water System

  • Heat Pump Water Heaters are far more effective and efficient than a traditional electric water heating system. It works on the same mechanism as a fridge or air conditioner by removing heat from the air and inject that heat into the water tank.
  • Heat Pump hot water system systems  are usually combined as a tank and compressor. However some brands provide them as a split system.
  • It is essential that heat pump water systems have sufficient ventilation. They are usually installed outdoors.
  • A disadvantage of a heat pump system is that the compressor can be noisy. It sounds similar to a reverse cycle airconditioner.  It wouldn’t be advisable to install them too close to a neighbouring home.
  • These systems tend to work best in warm and tropical climates. Alpha Co Plumbing and Gas can provide system that also work in cold weather. Most systems have a compensation element for colder days.
  • A home of 4 people will typically need a 315 litre hot water system water tank.
  • We can advise you of government schemes that make the investment cheaper.
  • Heat pump heating  systems range in price from about $2200 to $4500.


Alpha Co Plumbing offers several water heater brands


Finally, we look forward to assisting you with your hot water needs. We are Perth’s hot water specialists and provide wholesale prices to the public.


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